Monday, April 14, 2008

A few weeks ago my DH and I took our little one to have her six month pictures.  She did great!

......Mommy struggled a bit.

I just look at this little thing that can now sit up, sleep through the night, and eat off of my plate and I think, "Where did my baby go?"  It's like she's already turning into this little girl.  

Then I proceed to look at pictures of my nieces, nephew, and sweet little cousins and I know that it's only going to get worse!

On the one hand it seems like every age brings with it something precious that you cherish.  (It also brings something that you could live without, but we're not going to focus on that right now)  On the other it seems like so many of the stages are over with before you get your fill of them.  

I now understand why people have a dozen kids.  (Okay, I'm not having a dozen, but you get my point!)  I mean I'm already starting to plan her first birthday party and it feels like I just had her yesterday.

BTW - Party's going to have a rubber duck theme and it's going to rock, so you all should come.  

But back to the picture.  I have a few others that I would like to post, BUT I don't know how to keep them from showing up side ways.  

Sara can customize her border and make it rock.  I can't even get my pictures to align right.  I am SOOOOO behind.

Well, the subject of my post is now eating the power cord to my computer.  While it's still plugged into the wall.  Since I am absolutely sure that that is a bad thing, I'm going to head out.

More later!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today I am not in my normal little corner of the world.  No, today I am a bit north and am hanging out with my sister-in-law in Knoxville.  Helping her babysit.  But babysit is such a tame term for what we're doing.  A more appropriate one would be "herding cats!"  In short today has been a wonderful lesson in perspective for me.

You see, we don't just have my little one to handle.  No, we have her 6 year old, my 6 month old, our 1 year old niece, and her 2 year old TRIPLETS!  Just in case you weren't doing a head count.  That's a round half dozen.

Not that they aren't sweet.  They are, and I love them all.  But six little girls is enough to be overwhelming to any one.  Poor Amy can't get one mess cleaned up or fight stopped before another is breaking out.  And trust me when I say that what one doesn't think of another will.  Let me give you a short breakdown of our day.

First, Breakfast.  We have 6 that need to eat.  The sooner you get them the food the sooner the noise volume dies down to a "sub deafening" level.  Then the oldest is off to kindergarten.  

Now playtime.  It's raining so unfortunately outside is out.  With in less than 20 minutes one of the triplets is bleeding from about 5 scratch marks down her cheek, another has colored  the kitchen floor with chalk, the 12 month old has fallen into the toy box and is now stuck upside down, and the last triplet found gum that she has now chewed and stuck into her sisters hair.

The same sister with the scratch marks and we're not sure if it was a "fresh" piece of gum or not.  

And the last time I popped my head in one of the triplets was eating poop.  

I really don't see how my sister-in-law does this day after day.  And she never gets mad, never gets upset.  She just has the most level personality and doesn't really get worked up about anything.  Kind of like an Aunt of mine.  I don't have that kind of personality.

Where am I?  

Hiding....In the office......Where I'm "working" while my own baby takes a nap.

Yup, I'm a chicken.  But like I said, perspective.  My days at home with just one little one really aren't so bad.  

At least she doesn't eat poop.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Small Victories

I'd like to talk about a small victory that we have recently had at our house.  Now, to some of you this might not seem like that big of a deal, but in our neck of the woods (ha ha woods) this is a pretty pig deal.  

So what is it already?

Well quite simply my sweet baby girl has FINALLY consented to eat something!  I don't want you to think that I've been starving the poor child.  As you can see she is quite well fed. (In fact my father-in-law calls her 2 Ton Tessa, but that's a whole different post!)

No, she eats well, its just that up to this point we haven't been able to convince her that food does exist outside of nursing.  This is the child that WILL NOT take a bottle and WILL NOT take a pacifier.  It's not that we haven't tried either one, we have and many times, she is just convinced that both are most definitely poison of the worst form.

She does like cups however.  The fuller the better and they can't have lids.  In fact, my DH is learning just how long those little arms really are!

But, as I said we have had a break through.  And now as you can see my DD's culinary world is reaching new heights.  And cookies are my friends!

We have been trying baby food, but she just gags that up.  Literally, this child will sit there and gag until it comes back up.  It doesn't matter if it takes 10 minutes.  She's persistent.  

I hesitate to mention that as I have several people that just say that I deserve every minute of it.  Apparently I was quite to puker myself.  Who Knew?

Now if we can just convince her that there is life beyond cookies we're in business!