Monday, September 22, 2008

Fresh Water Friends!

So I finally got around to putting all the pictures from this summer on to my computer.  Meaning that now I get to share all the fun with you!  See, I promised you that we had all kinds of fun, I'm just all kinds of slow when it comes to sharing!

I decided to start with what I think of as one of this summer's highest points.  My DH and I were lucky enough to get two of our nieces for two weeks this summer.  We had SO much fun with them and were sad to see them go.  But while they were here we did sneak in a few fun days!  One of which was spent at the Chattanooga Aquariums.  

The girls all had a blast, (little and big!) and we got some great shots!  Take a look!

This is the pool where you can pet the sting rays.  My DD thought it was awesome, but she kept trying to lick her hands so we had to end up just letting her look.  I think that she would have happily climbed right in if we would have let her!

In the butterfly garden M and T kept catching these beautiful butterflies.  DH wanted to hold one so bad, but we didn't think that that would end well for the butterfly.  So T held it and Daddy held CJ's hand to let her feel the wings.

The girls took the baby down this tunnel so she could see the tanks from the inside.  I don't know what was funnier, the way they looked inside, or watching my 15 year old niece try to crawl through the tunnel!

Little bit LOVED the fish.  And she loved even more that her cousins would patiently take her anywhere she wanted to go.  As you can see here, she was totally inthralled!  I miss my helpers!

My nature loving niece showing her animal skills once again.  I swear this child was born to be a vet!

This one wasn't from the aquarium, but I thought it was too cute not to post.  They made a fort and all crawled through it.  So sweet!

Oldest niece showing her bug catching skills.  I'm going to make a southern girl out of her yet!

Mommy with her sweet baby!  She is getting so big, but I love how happy she looks here!  This is why we bought season passes to the aquarium!

This was taken is the fountains outside of the aquarium.  Since we didn't let my DH play in the water inside of the aquarium we let her play in the water outside.  She loved it!  She ended up in her diaper and nothing else and soaking wet!  She also got her daddy wet and I can't tell you how much he loved it.  I don't know why but he thinks its sweet when she gets him wet.

This is how much she loved it!  So cute.

More later!

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